5 comments on “HP54502A EPROM Backup

  1. I have the same scope and, apart from the NVRAM problem, it fails the ROM test. I suppose the data in those EPROMs is slightly (since it still boots) corrupted due to their age. Can you upload those images somewhere or send them to me so that I can reprogram the chips and, hopefully, fix the problem? Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi Jon, I didn’t expect to get a reply so quickly! I’ll reflash the EPROMs sometime later this week and will report back with the results. Thank you so much for the images!

  3. A quick update on my project: I read the EPROMs from the scope and compared them to your dumps. They all were the same, apart from the 54502-80015 which had two bits flipped in different places. I burned a new 27C010 and that fixed the issue. I think if one of the EPROMs developed a problem, the others would soon follow, so I’ll look into getting a couple more erased chips and flashing the firmware into them as well. Thank you Jon for your help!

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